5. Schedules

Schedule 5: Amendments

Amendment 1: 1 April 2010

page 19 - Conduits for future electricity cables are to be installed within all new streets, street widenings and upgrades. page 27 - map 9(a): Precinct 2 building heights

page 31 - As per map 9(a)

page 60 - (vi) State infrastructure funding will be sought through the normal budgetary processes and will be part of approved State agency capital programs

Amendment 2: 21 June 2019

An overall restructure of the development scheme.

Amendments to PDA wide criteria.

Restructure and redraft of the PDA zones and Precinct provisions.

Redraft of Infrastructure Plan, including reference to DCOP.

Redraft of Implementation Strategy.

Adoption of Brisbane City Plan definitions.

Redraft of Levels of assessment tables.

Redraft of exempt development provisions.

Adoption of Brisbane City Plan car parking standards.

Revision of development scheme mapping.

Industrial zone replaces the Medium impact employment zone.

Merging of into the Mixed use zone, Mixed use centre zone and Mixed use residential zone into a single Mixed use zone.

Introduction of the Mixed industry and business zone on select land in place of Mixed use zone and Industrial zone.

Introduction of the Sport and recreation zone, on select land in place of Civic and open space zone.

Open space zone replaces Civic and open space zone.

Special purpose (Transport) zone on select land in place of Complementary land zone, Mixed use zone and Mixed use centre zone.

Introduction of the Specialised centre (entertainment) zone in place of Mixed use zone.

Removal of the Residential very high intensity zone, Mixed use centre zone, Mixed use residential zone, Civic and open space zone and Complementary land zone.

Refinement of local area planning outcome sought for Precinct 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Refinements include locations and alignments of road, cycle, pedestrian and public transport network items, locations for open spaces, plazas and public realm landscaping treatments.

To reflect changes made by the Economic Development and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2019, PDA self-assessable development and PDA exempt development have been changed to PDA accepted development.