5. Schedules


Schedule 1: Definitions

Unless defined below or in the Economic Development Act 2012, activity groups, use and administrative definitions from the Brisbane City Plan apply to all development in the Bowen Hills PDA.

Affordable housing

Housing that is appropriate to the needs of households with low to moderate incomes. A guide to what EDQ considers to be affordable housing is available in EDQ Guideline 16.

Brisbane City Plan

Means the Brisbane City Council Planning Scheme 2014, as amended and replaced from time to time.

Community housing

Community housing is a form of social housing assistance, delivered by community organisations and local governments and funded by the State under the Housing Act 2003.

Cross block link

Means a publicly accessible connection between two streets that may be covered or uncovered and may include an arcade or shared lane.

Heritage place

Means a place listed on either or both the Queensland Heritage Register or Brisbane City Plan Heritage overlay, as amended and replaced from time to time.

High-water mark

Means high-water mark as defined by the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995.

Interim use

An interim use is a land use that, because of its nature, scale, form or intensity, may not be an appropriate long term use of the land, but may be appropriate for a short or medium term period as the PDA develops.

Public housing

Means housing:

  1. provided by or for, the state or a statutory body representing the state; and
  2. for short or long term residential use, and
  3. totally or partly subsidies by the State or a statutory body representing the State.

It includes services provided for residents of the housing, if the services are totally or partly subsidised by the State or a statutory body representing the State.

Significant vegetation
Means all vegetation, except those listed as pest vegetation by state or local government, whether living or dead, including its root zone[55] that:
  1. is significant in its ecological value at local, state or national levels
  2. maintains biodiversity
  3. preserves natural landforms
  4. contributes to the character of a landscape
  5. has cultural or historical value, or
  6. has amenity value.
Known significant vegetation within the Bowen Hills PDA is includes:
  1. all vegetation including marine plants along Breakfast / Enoggera Creek
  2. all trees in Bowen Park
  3. all trees in Perry Park
  4. all trees in the RNA grounds
  5. street trees; and
  6. all significant landscape trees as defined by Brisbane City Plan.

Social Housing

Social housing refers to housing for a residential use, other than crisis accommodation, that is either provided by:

  1. the State as public housing, as defined in the Planning Regulation 2017, or
  2. an entity other than the State (e.g. a not-for-profit organization or local government) as community housing.