4. Implementation strategy


4.6 Infrastructure planning and delivery


Facilitate the delivery of all necessary urban infrastructures required to support ongoing community growth and development.


  1. Infrastructure delivery – EDQ will seek to form partnerships with other State government entities, Brisbane City Council, Queensland Urban Utilities and Energex to invest in the delivery of State and trunk infrastructure network items where they are required to facilitate ongoing investment and economic development in the PDA.
  2. Infrastructure delivery –Rnergex to be notified of any works occurring within an electricity easement.
  3. Financing – trunk infrastructure will be financed through the collection of infrastructure charges.  Investment facilitating the delivery of trunk infrastructure may be subject to coordinated decisions across private interests and various levels of government.  The prioritisation and feasibility of trunk infrastructure delivery will be determined on a case-by-case basis at the time they are proposed for commencement.
  4. Partnerships – Community Hubs and Partnerships, Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning to facilitate collaboration across agencies to analyse requirements for comprehensive social services provision in the PDA and surrounding networks to identify opportunities for innovation, co-location and integration of state and local government community facilities. A whole-of-life approach to social service provision, encompassing health, education, child and family and sport and recreation services will be taken to contribute to the vision for the PDA and the development of an engaged, healthy and active community.