4. Implementation strategy


4.5 Sustainability


Support the quality, diversity and productivity of social, ecological and economic systems in the Bowen Hills PDA.


  1. Infrastructure Delivery – facilitate the delivery of community facilities identified in the DCOP that will provide spaces for residents and visitors to meet, access services and participate in social and cultural activities.
  2. Infrastructure Delivery – facilitate the delivery of infrastructure identified in the DCOP that will support future private sector investment in property development and business enterprise.
  3. Service delivery – maintain working relationships with service providers to identify and, where possible, support the delivery of projects and programs that cater to community needs.
  4. Electric vehicles – development provides parking spaces and facilities to support the charging of electric vehicles. This can include providing wiring dedicated AC circuits to parking spaces during construction and terminating with a standard General Purpose Outlet which can be readily replaced with a dedicated electric vehicle charger at a later date.
  5. Expenditure – EDQ to utilise funds collected from the uplift of land value component on projects within the PDA that support ecological sustainability.
  6. Information – establishment of a close working relationship with tertiary institutions and private industry to identify projects demonstrating ecological sustainable outcomes to be instituted in the PDA.
  7. Information – documentation and promotion of examples of ecological sustainability developed within the PDA.
  8. Information – preparation of additional guidelines to promote and facilitate incorporation of ecological sustainable principles in projects within the PDA.
  9. Sustainable buildings – compliance with the Star rating (or equivalent rating system) criteria will generally be demonstrated by a Design certified rating to be provided at the time of assessment and an As Built certified rating to be provided upon completion as a condition of development.