4. Implementation strategy


4.4 Housing Diversity


Facilitate the delivery of a broad range of accommodation choices to suit a variety of households that support a socially diverse community in the Bowen Hills PDA.  

Facilitate the delivery of housing that provides universal design and variety in size, configuration, cost, adaptability and tenure.


  1. Information – EDQ will develop, manage, monitor and report on a database of existing, approved and proposed dwellings within the Bowen Hills PDA.  The database will hold information on the number of dwellings and number of bedrooms that profile existing housing and future pipeline supply.  This information should be used by government, the development industry and the community to inform decisions which may lead to greater housing diversity.
  2. incentives – examine options that incentivise the delivery of social housing, community housing, affordable housing, innovative housing concepts and 3+ bedroom dwellings. ;
  3. Affordable housing – EDQ is seeking to maximise affordable housing outcomes in the PDA over the long term.  Affordable housing product delivered through a PDA development approval can be supported with mechanisms to ensure product is not resold at market rates and it remains affordable rental product to the target group for a significant period of time. There are a number of ways of achieving this outcome:
  • Formal agreements may be made with either the Department of Housing and Public Works or a registered community housing organisation.
  • Establishment of a shared equity arrangement with an approved equity partner.
  • Limiting the trading of a dwelling to a particular target and income group through a title covenant.  This means that affordable owner occupied units are only on-sold to other eligible buyers, with transfer of ownership occurring through a controlled process which excludes wills, private sales or bequests.
  • Placing a covenant and management plan on the title of a property which ensures it is rented at affordable levels of rent to an identified target group for 15 years or more and managed by a registered community housing organisation.
  • The preferred mechanism will be determined on a project by project basis between EDQ and the development proponent at the time of development approval and will be set out in the development agreement.