4. Implementation strategy


4.3 Connectivity


Facilitate the delivery of streets, pathways and public spaces in Bowen Hills which provide permeability and connectivity to destinations within and surrounding the PDA.


  1. Infrastructure planning – ensure that the opportunity for the PDA to host a Cross River Rail or alternate subway system station is not compromised in the development of the area.
  2. ii. Infrastructure delivery – EDQ will seek to establish partnerships with Brisbane City Council to facilitate the timely delivery of planned street, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.
  3. Infrastructure delivery – work with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Translink and Queensland Rail to facilitate the timely delivery of planned public transport infrastructure and services.
  4. Development assessment process – where necessary, land required for infrastructure will be secured through conditions of approval.
  5. Cross block links – EDQ will seek to facilitate the delivery of cross block links as part of an integrated design solution for suitably sized developments proximate to the locations identified in the precinct plans.