4. Implementation strategy


4.2 Urban design and public realm


Oversee the design, form, type and arrangement of buildings, streets and the public realm to enhance the appearance and contribute to the creation of place.


  1. Development assessment process – develop and operate a virtual 3D analytical model of the Bowen Hills PDA including detailed representations of existing and approved built form.  In consultation with applicants, the assessment manager may request the provision of a 3D model in a specified compatible format which can be used to assist in the assessment and communication of proposals.  Specific analytics could include built form impacts upon building separations, privacy, view sheds, overshadowing and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.
  2. ii. Design Review Panel – utilise members of the Design Review Panel during the pre-application and assessment processes to provide assessment managers and applicants qualified professional expert advice in landscape, architecture, development, engineering, heritage and urban design matters.
  3. Public realm – EDQ will seek to establish partnerships with Brisbane City Council and developers to establish and deliver a programme of public realm upgrades at identified streetscape treatment locations identified on maps 8 and 9.