4. Implementation strategy


The ED Act[51] requires a development scheme to include an implementation strategy to ‘achieve the main purposes of the ED Act for this area, to the extent that they are not achieved by the Land use plan or the plan for infrastructure’.

The Implementation strategy for the development scheme fulfils this requirement by identifying a suite of actions that support the achievement of the Vision and support the delivery of economic development and development for community purposes within the PDA.

The Implementation strategy includes projects and actions that may require involvement from a range of stakeholders including private interests and departments from across various levels of government.

4.1 Place management


Manage the progressive renewal of private and state government land and enabling infrastructure and services within the Bowen Hills PDA.


  1. Plan making – Economic Development Queensland is the delegated planning authority for the Bowen Hills PDA and has prepared the development scheme and Development Charges Offset Plan which establishes the land use and infrastructure plans regulatory instruments to manage growth and development.
  2. Development assessment – Economic Development Queensland is the delegated development assessment authority for the Bowen Hills PDA and is responsible for the assessment and approval of new development proposals in the PDA.
  3. Infrastructure delivery – Economic Development Queensland will progressively fund and deliver new infrastructure and upgrades to existing infrastructure to catalyse investment in property development and business enterprise.