3. Infrastructure plan


3.4 Infrastructure charges, funding and conditions

Trunk infrastructure identified as necessary to service the PDA is included in the DCOP which sets out the following:

  1. development charges for the provision of trunk infrastructure
  2. trunk infrastructure plans and schedules of works identifying trunk infrastructure for which an offset against infrastructure charges shall be available; and
  3. matters relevant to calculating an offset or refund for the provision of trunk infrastructure.

The requirement to pay development charges set out in the DCOP, or to deliver the trunk infrastructure identified in the DCOP, will be through a condition of a PDA development approval.  Infrastructure may be required to be delivered in accordance with a detailed Infrastructure Master Plan that is prepared to support a development application or required by condition.

The infrastructure identified in table 3 will be funded from a combination of development charges and other revenue sources. State infrastructure funding may be provided through Federal Government grants. State expenditure on trunk infrastructure will be subject to consideration through normal state budgetary processes and will be part of an approved state agency capital works program.

Not all the works identified in table 3 will be delivered through conditions of approval. Some infrastructure may be delivered by other entities such as local government, state government or other infrastructure providers

The infrastructure identified in table 3 reflect current understanding at the time of publication.  However, further detailed infrastructure investigations will occur as development progresses.  Infrastructure requirements and delivery responsibilities will be reviewed and may be amended over time to reflect the outcomes of these investigations and changing circumstances.

Infrastructure requirements established in the conditions of a PDA development approval must be delivered at the time of development occurring unless otherwise agreed with EDQ.