2. Land use plan


2.7 Precinct Provisions

2.7.2 Precinct 2
Planned outcomes for Precinct 2 are shown on map 9 and detailed below. Precinct 2 includes all land located in the area bound by O’Connell Terrace, Brookes Street, St Pauls Terrace, Costin Street, Water Street and Bowen Bridge Road.

Preferred development intent

Development of active frontages along the ground plane of King Street, O’Connell Terrace and Brookes Street delivers a mix of retail, commercial and community uses.

Built form

Shop frontages, articulated building access points and continuous awnings over the footpath activates the ground plane of King Street, O’Connell Terrace and Brookes Street.

Large floor plate retail is sleeved by small scale (i.e. less than 250m2) shops, food and drink outlets, community uses and other similar uses, which will activate the precinct day and night.

Development adjoining Bowen Park and the Old Queensland Museum must respect their heritage values and be designed and oriented to enhance their amenity, safety, activation and surveillance.

Increased building heights can be considered for new buildings on the northern boundary of the Old Museum site, where being developed as part of an overarching rehabilitation and renewal of the State heritage place by the state, or an entity acting for the state.

Development along O’Connell Terrace, Brookes Street and Exhibition Street must address both street frontages and publicly accessibly spaces within the Brisbane Showgrounds.

Innovative building design contributes to the identification of Bowen Hills at major entrance points to the precinct, including at the southern side of the intersection of Brunswick Street and Gregory Terrace and the intersection of Brookes Street and O’Connell Terrace.

Development along the southern side of O’Connell Terrace provides a 4m setback on the ground floor to provide space for pedestrian movement, outdoor dining, retail display and embellishments such as landscape treatment and public art installations which improve amenity and activate the ground plane.

Urban design

Attractive streetscape treatments including awnings over wide footpaths, street furniture, pavement treatments, parallel on-street parking, public art installations, landscaped verges are established along King Street and O’Connell Terrace contributing to their setting as community and economic focal points.

Landscaped verges, street furniture, public art installations and pavement treatments are established at Streetscape treatment locations identified on map 9

Ground level building and landscape design contributes to the identification of Bowen Hills as a distinct destination at significant corner locations.

Important views and vistas to and from the Old Museum and Brisbane Showgrounds will be maintained including:

  1. to Show Ring 2 & John Macdonald Stand from Bowen Park and Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital
  2. into Side Show Alley from Bowen Bridge Road
  3. Gregory Terrace Streetscape views towards Show Ring 1 (north)
  4. Gregory Terrace Streetscape Views Towards Show Ring 1 (South)
  5. along Alexandria Street Towards Show Ring 1 and John Macdonald Stand, and
  6. to Stockagents Building from Stockman’s Rest.
InfrastructureParks and plazas

Open spaces located within the Brisbane Showgrounds are publicly accessible during non-event periods.

Civic plazas provide space for social interaction, community and group activities, information, art and cultural activities and events at:

  1. the Brisbane Showgrounds between the Exhibition Railway Station and Gregory Terrace, and
  2. between Diggles Close and Bowen Bridge Road.
ConnectivityDevelopment provides publicly accessible cross block links providing pedestrian connections:
  1. through the Brisbane Showgrounds between O’Connell Terrace and Gregory Terrace
  2. through the Brisbane Showgrounds between Exhibition Railway Station and Bowen Bridge Road
  3. between King street and Alexandria Street
  4. between Anderson Street and Costin Street near and linking to Carriage Street
  5. between Water Street and Gregory Terrace; and
  6. between Diggles Close and Bowen Bridge Road.
The precinct will accommodate key upgrades to the street network as follows:
  1. widening of O’Connell Terrace to accommodate two lanes of vehicular traffic and separated cycle way, and
  2. widening of Brookes Street to accommodate upgraded footpaths, separated cycle way.
New controlled intersections at:
  1. Tufton Street and O’Connell Terrace, and
  2. King Street and St Pauls Terrace.
Public transport

Upgrades to the Exhibition Railway Station and associated railway corridor are delivered as part of the Cross River Rail project.

Access to Exhibition Railway Station will be clearly signed and identifiable to visitors on O’Connell Terrace, Gregory Terrace, Brookes Street and Bowen Bridge Road.

A bus stop is located adjacent to the Exhibition Railway Station access point on O’Connell Terrace. Providing a rail and bus interchange function.

Upgrades to the Exhibition Railway Station include improved platform access for pedestrian movements to the Old Museum.

Map 9: Precinct 2 plan

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