2. Land use plan


2.7 Precinct Provisions

2.7.1 Precinct 1
Planned outcomes for Precinct 1 are shown on map 8 and detailed below. Precinct 1 includes all land located in the area bound by Abbotsford Road, Markwell Street, St Pauls Terrace, Brookes Street, O’Connell Terrace, Tufton Street and the Inner City Bypass.

Preferred development intent

Development incorporates active frontages along Mayne Road and Hudd Street delivering a mix of retail, commercial and community uses along the ground plane.

Development adjoining the Bowen Hills Railway Station provides new access points and improved connectivity and integration with the station.

Built form

Shop frontages, articulated building access points and continuous awnings over the footpath activate the ground plane of Hudd Street and Mayne Road, which form major activity spines and become the focus of retail shopping and social life.

Showroom windows address the northern side of the Airport Link ramp to Campbell Street presenting the retail character of the area to passing vehicles.

Large floor plate retail is sleeved by small scale (i.e. less than 250m2) shops, food and drink outlets, community uses and other similar uses, which will activate the precinct day and night.

Buildings are able to span across the railway corridor creating opportunities for additional development, public plazas and a new access to the Bowen Hills Railway Station. Any development within, over or under a rail station or corridor must protect the station and corridor’s function and operation.

Urban design

Attractive streetscape treatments including awnings over wide footpaths, street furniture, pavement treatments, parallel on-street parking, public art installations and landscaped verges are established along Mayne Road and Hudd Street, contributing to their setting as community and economic focal points for the PDA.

Landscaped verges, street furniture, public art installations and pavement treatments are established at Streetscape treatment locations identified on map 8.

Retail tenancies have a visible presence and interaction with the street and open on to the park at the intersection of Mayne Road and Hudd Street.

Parks are developed as attractive community focal points with spaces and facilities for recreation, pathways, landscape and park furniture.

Ground level building and landscape design contributes to the identification of Bowen Hills as a distinct destination at Significant corner locations.

InfrastructureParks and plazas

A new park is located on the southern side of the Mayne Road and Hudd Street intersection. The park collocates with activated retail frontages, cycling routes and streetscape treatments along Mayne Road and Hudd Street.

Parks are located at Jeays Street and Hurworth Street.

A major new civic plaza extending south of Hudd Street through to Edgar Street will deliver a multi-purpose community and cultural hub providing space for social interaction, community and group activities, information, art and cultural activities and events.


Community facility

Development provides a multi-purpose community hub within proximity of the Bowen Hills Railway Station.

Community facilities are provided as an integrated component of mixed-use developments.

Community facilities are accessed directly from street frontages and are clearly signed and identifiable to visitors.

ConnectivityDevelopment provides publicly accessible cross block links providing pedestrian connection:
  1. between Brookes Street and the Jeays Street park
  2. between Mayne Road and the Tufton Street extension
  3. to the Bowen Hills railway station from Abbotsford Road
  4. between Hudd Street and Edgar Street, and
  5. between Mayne Road and Edgar Street.
The precinct will accommodate a new local street network which will include:
  1. widening of Mayne Road (western side) to accommodate vehicular and cycle traffic
  2. widening of Hudd Street (southern side) to accommodate vehicular traffic
  3. a two way vehicle and pedestrian bridge spanning the railway corridor between Hudd Street and Abbotsford Road, providing improved connectivity across the railway corridor
  4. a new street linking Hudd Street and Mayne Road through to O'Connell Terrace, via Tufton Street. This street will be a principal means of access into the precinct from the area south of Campbell Street
  5. Hazelmount Street extended through to Hudd Street
  6. Edgar Street extended through to Mayne Road
  7. Closure of Jamison Street between Hudd Street and Edgar Street[48], and
  8. cycle infrastructure that provides safe and efficient cycle connection through the precinct.
Public transport  Development is coordinated to provide:
  1. pedestrian concourse delivering safe and improved access to the Bowen Hills Railway Station between Hudd Street and Abbotsford Road
  2. upgrades to the Bowen Hills Railway Station including improved platform access and potential corridor widening, and
  3. a rail and bus interchange is located adjacent to the Bowen Hills Railway Station on Abbotsford Road.

Map 8: Precinct 1 plan

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