2. Land use plan


2.6 Zone provisions

2.6.9 Specialised centre (entertainment) zone Preferred development intent

Development supports the use of the Old Museum and Brisbane Showgrounds, providing areas and large-format facilities for library, museum or gallery, exhibition, event, festival, concert, conference, showground, public or community group gatherings, indoor and outdoor sport and recreation, private functions, trade exhibitions and displays, plus ancillary office, catering, light refreshments and sale of merchandise.

Other uses that complement the core functions of the Old Museum and Brisbane Showgrounds, including short term accommodation, shop (not exceeding 250m2 GFA), food and drink outlet, office, health care services or telecommunications facility, may also be accommodated.

Development builds upon the long standing historic role of the Old Museum and the Brisbane Showgrounds in their contribution to the overall character and identity of Bowen Hills.

Outside the times of year that the Royal Queensland Show operates, the Brisbane Showgrounds is used as an events and exhibition precinct. It is also used to provide car parking for Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital employees.

Development provides enhanced pedestrian permeability through the sites acting as a connector between surrounding development and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, the Exhibition Railway Station and Fortitude Valley.

The heritage values of individual sites and the zone as a whole are protected and enhanced. Built form

Maximum height provisions5 storeys
Scale and bulkDevelopment:
  1. ensures that all buildings, structures and ancillary facilities support the preferred development intent of the zone and are compatible in scale, bulk, design and character with the surrounding area
  2. is strategically and logically located on site incorporating a range of heights and materials that are highly characteristic of the site’s location and identity, and
  3. improves aesthetics and local amenity of the surrounding public realm. Urban design

Building elements and appearance

Development retains or adapts the heritage, character, cultural features and history of the site and surrounding area.  New buildings and works adjacent to retained and adapted heritage buildings, spaces and elements will have an appropriate interface respecting their heritage significance.

Where the Brisbane Showgrounds interface with the Old Queensland Museum the detailed design of the buildings and works will create a positive visual and functional relationship.

Development maintains the presence, legibility and sense of entry to the Brisbane Showgrounds.

Development promotes safety and minimises opportunities for graffiti and vandalism through exterior building design, orientation of buildings and the use of active frontages.

Development provides outdoor lighting which is in compliance with:
  1. AS 4282-1997 Control of the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting
  2. AS 2560-2007 Sports lighting Part 2.3: Specific applications—Lighting for football (all codes), and
  3. AS/NZS 1158 Set: 2010 Lighting for roads and public spaces.
The built form is supported by legible and permeable circulation networks which build and enhance the existing patterns and fabric of the site, including the EKKA walk which meanders through the site as the primary pedestrian circulation route.

Development does not impose unreasonable adverse amenity impacts on the surrounding residential area in terms of its location of buildings, vehicle access areas, lighting or operational matters.

Development ensures that the views and vistas of important places, spaces and buildings are retained and enhanced.

Existing on-site vegetation (trees) is retained.

Development provides on-site landscape and shade trees and vertical greenery that provides shading and local cooling, contributes to the area’s streetscape and creates opportunities for relaxation and recreation.
Public realm

Development must contribute to a vibrant and safe public realm by activating the street at the ground level for extended hours of the day, where possible. This is particularly important during those times of the year when the annual EKKA event does not operate.

Streetscape treatments facilitate pedestrian and cycle amenity and safety.

Development facilitates passive surveillance and provides good sightlines to publicly accessible areas such as car parks, pathways, public toilets and communal areas.

Development provides good pedestrian linkages throughout the Brisbane Showgrounds.

Development includes way-finding cues and minimises predictable routes and entrapment locations near public spaces.

Development promotes legible active pedestrian entrances, minimising the number and size of vehicle access points and using appropriate street treatments.