2. Land use plan


2.6 Zone provisions

2.6.8 Special purpose (transport) zone Preferred development intent

Development provides for infrastructure, activities and associated facilities that support the effective functioning of the transport system including:

  1. rail lines, stations and associated facilities
  2. major road tunnels, bridges and intersections and infrastructure not otherwise included in a road reserve.

In addition to providing for this infrastructure, the zone caters for a range of activities and facilities for recreational and community purposes including pedestrian and cycle paths, landscaped areas and incidental open space.

Opportunities for building over infrastructure within the Special Purpose (transport) zone are facilitated, where compliance with the provisions of the zone immediately adjoining the Special Purpose (transport) zone can be demonstrated. Development provisions

Development does not unreasonably constrain the future provision of public transport infrastructure (including rail, light rail, road, busway and cycle infrastructure) and does not adversely impact on the function or operation of existing or future public transport corridors including rail, light rail or busway corridors.

Where building over infrastructure is proposed, appropriate clearances must be maintained to ensure the safety of the operation of both the infrastructure and development.  

Development may provide opportunities for building over infrastructure corridors and providing air rights above these corridors.  Development that integrates with the Bowen Hills Railway Station must provide substantial improvements to the station itself, station access and the station’s interface with the public realm.

Development may experience a reduced level of amenity due to emissions (e.g. vibration, noise, light and odour) from the transport infrastructure within in the zone, including the ICB, rail lines, Clem Jones Tunnel (including ventilation outlet), Airport Link and arterial roads.  Development that would be sensitive to these impacts is designed, sited and constructed to achieve acceptable levels of amenity.