2. Land use plan


2.6 Zone provisions

2.6.6 Sport and recreation zone Preferred development intent

Development provides large-scale premises for community facilities, sporting events and occasional recreation and entertainment activities and special events associated with public and community group gatherings, including venues for conferences, private functions, clubs, indoor and outdoor sport and recreation (this could also incorporate ancillary catering, administrative office functions and sale of merchandise and tickets).

Development will consolidate formal sporting facilities within Perry Park and provide enhanced opportunities for more informal recreational facilities and accessible open space.

Development for a complementary use directly related to the core functions of the Sport and recreation zone, including shop (not exceeding 250m2 GFA), food and drink outlet, office, health care services or telecommunications facility, may also be accommodated. Built form

Maximum height provisions3 storeys
Building envelopeSetbacksDevelopment is setback a minimum 3m from street frontages.
Site cover

Sporting fields or open space areas equal approximately 70% of the total site area.

Any built structures comprise a small component of the total site and must be ancillary and directly associated with the primary use of the site for a major sport and recreation facility.
Building formScale and bulk

A maximum length of 30m on any one outer building wall.

A maximum wall length of 10m between building articulations.

Development is oriented to the street frontage.

Sporting fields are orientated north-south where possible.

Pavilions and viewing areas are sited on the western side of the playing field to avoid spectators looking into the afternoon sun.

Public open space is located on street edges to maximise accessibility and safety.

Roofs are designed to ensure plant and equipment are screened or otherwise integrated with the overall roof design.

Varied roof forms are incorporated to contribute to the architectural distinction of the building.

Roof top areas can be utilised for employee recreation, solar energy, cool roof and green roof uses.
LightingDevelopment provides outdoor lighting which is in compliance with:
  1. AS 4282-1997 Control of the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting
  2. AS 2560-2007 Sports lighting Part 2.3: Specific applications—Lighting for football (all codes), and
  3. AS/NZS 1158 Set: 2010 Lighting for streets and public spaces. Urban design

Building elements and appearance

Development provides distinctive form and appearance at the corner of Abbotsford Road and Folkestone Street and addresses both frontages.

Buildings are well articulated with external facades treatments, varied material and design detail, balconies, recessed doors and doorways, windows, shade and screening devices and outdoor planting to reduce the visual bulk of the building.

Development provides a well-defined entry point for pedestrians.Building form allows for cross ventilation and supports a naturally ventilated and comfortable environment.

Buildings incorporate appropriate weather protection, screening and shading structures on the building facades to channel breezes, filter sunlight and provide rain protection.

As far as possible, shadows from buildings or evergreen tree canopy shall not encroach upon the playing field between the hours of 9.00am and 3.00pm, as determined by the winter solstice sun angle.
Ground level treatment

Front entries to all buildings activate street frontages and are emphasised through architectural and landscape treatment, pedestrian paths and awnings to offer shelter and protection from the elements.

Pedestrian generating uses including showroom and office uses, should be located at the street frontage to provide visual interest to the street, create a more pedestrianised scale and assist in passive surveillance of the public realm.
AmenityDevelopment does not impose unreasonable adverse amenity impacts on the surrounding residential area in terms of its location of buildings, vehicle access areas, lighting or operations.

Existing on-site vegetation (trees) is retained.

Development provides on-site landscape and shade trees that contributes to the area’s streetscape.

Development provides landscaped areas along a minimum length of 50% of street frontages.
Public realm

Development contributes to an active and safe public realm by addressing the ground level along Edmonstone Road and Abbotsford Road.

Streetscape treatments facilitate pedestrian and cycle amenity and safety.

Development facilitates passive surveillance and provides good sightlines to publicly accessible areas such as car parks, pathways, public toilets and communal areas.

Development provides good pedestrian linkages to Perry Park.

Development includes way-finding cues and minimises predictable routes and entrapment locations near public spaces.