2. Land use plan


2.3 Vision

2.3.1 Land uses

The Bowen Hills PDA is a vibrant urban area which has preserved its heritage places and accommodates a diverse, integrated and balanced range of uses that are connected by a high quality public realm. This range of uses and the intensity of development contribute to the activation of places and streets at different times of the day and throughout the week.

The greatest diversity of uses and intensity of development is located in the Mixed-use zone around high frequency public transport stations. These mixed-use areas play an important role in Brisbane’s future growth and development by accommodating a sub-regionally significant concentration of housing and employment opportunities which supports vibrant all day activity and economy.

Retail high streets are located along King Street and on Mayne Road and Hudd Street leading to the Bowen Hills Railway Station. Development in these activity nodes provide local residents with services, facilities and opportunities for enterprise and employment. The activity nodes function all day and provide a diversity of retail, commercial, community and entertainment uses, and feature inviting public realm with access to quality pedestrian, cyclist and parking facilities.

The Bowen Hills PDA is an important events district with the Old Queensland Museum, Brisbane Showgrounds and other venues hosting cultural, entertainment, recreation and special events. The Brisbane Showgrounds operates as a major events venue year round and is a focal point for the surrounding community. The Brisbane Showgrounds provide pedestrian access between O’Connell Terrace and Gregory Terrace and public open spaces that are freely accessible outside of event times.

A range of housing options are available within the Bowen Hills PDA delivering choice, adaptability and diversity through a mix of densities, types, designs, tenures and levels of affordability that cater to a range of lifestyles, incomes and lifecycle needs. High-rise apartment buildings characterise mixed-use areas, mid-rise apartments up to 8 storeys characterise the High density residential zone east of Abbotsford Road, while houses, townhouses and low-rise apartments up to 4 storeys characterise Cintra Road. Residential and accommodation uses are also located adjacent to Perry Park providing residential amenity and passive surveillance of the public realm.

A mixed business and industry area is established north of Perry Park and south of Allison Street. This area accommodates a mix of building forms with business frontages activating streets. North of Allison Street, strategically significant industrial land accommodates a range of industrial and commercial services to inner city residents and businesses.

2.3.2 Transport and connectivity

The Bowen Hills PDA is integrated with citywide transport networks and is well connected, accessible and permeable to a full range of pedestrian, cyclist, public transport and private vehicle movements.

A network of active transport links including walkways and designated on-street cycle lanes supports the movement of people throughout the PDA. Pedestrian connectivity radiates from public transport stations ensuring movement to surrounding areas is direct and efficient.

Public transport in the Bowen Hills PDA is highly accessible and offers regular bus and rail services. Delivery of the Cross River Rail project including upgrades to Exhibition Railway Station and increased service frequency will further enhance public transport accessibility within the Bowen Hills PDA. Development maximises public transport infrastructure investment by focusing land uses that generate high pedestrian traffic near public transport stations. Development integrates with public transport stations by delivering a high-quality pedestrian experience in proximity to the station and ensuring pedestrian access points and connections to the station from the road and public realm are well-defined and legible.

Streets are designed to cater for anticipated vehicle, cyclist and pedestrian movements as well as streetscaping and car parking requirements. Intersections are designed to facilitate safe movement of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Where required new streets or upgrades will be delivered to improve connectivity and permeability within the PDA.

2.3.3 Urban design and public realm

Public open spaces and areas with high quality public realm provide for community recreation and a visual break from the built landscape in Bowen Hills. Bowen Park and Perry Park are the most significant recreational spaces in Bowen Hills with a network of new and upgraded smaller parks located amongst development and within the Brisbane Showgrounds providing diverse, multi-purpose outdoor landscapes and community spaces.

The relationship between public spaces, streets and buildings in the PDA creates an urban environment that is human-scale, attractive, safe and activated. Development addresses street frontages and public spaces, creating an interface that is integrated and activated with human movement and passive surveillance.

Open spaces, streetscapes and other public realms are designed to cater for universal access and improved with quality landscape and features that create an inviting place with a strong urban identity. Streetscaping along key pedestrian and cycling linkages contributes to the visual appeal of the public realm and reinforces connections between key destinations in the PDA. These public spaces provide safe and secure access throughout the PDA and connect the surrounding urban areas.

Buildings within the PDA are designed and developed in consideration of the principles of sub-tropical urban design which ensures that neighbouring properties, open spaces and the public realm receive optimal levels of solar access, and buildings achieve a high standard of environmental performance and responsiveness. Building occupants are provided with high quality living environments designed to achieve best practice levels of natural light, thermal comfort, privacy, amenity and cross ventilation.