2. Land use plan


2.1 Components of the Land use plan

The Land use plan establishes a hierarchy of provisions through the:

  1. vision for the PDA and
  2. the PDA development requirements, which are organised in a hierarchy where:
    1. the structural elements and PDA-wide criteria establish outcomes and quantitative measures to achieve the vision, and
    2. the zone and precinct provisions establish outcomes and quantitative measures, to achieve the structural elements and PDA-wide criteria (refer to table 1).

Table 1: Land use plan components and relationships

2.1.1 Vision

The Vision identifies the overall outcomes to be achieved in the PDA, that:

  1. seek to achieve the purpose of the ED Act for the PDA, and
  2. provide the basis for the PDA development requirements.

2.1.2 PDA development requirements

The PDA development requirements apply to all PDA assessable development and include:

  1. structural elements
  2. PDA-wide criteria
  3. zone provisions, and
  4. precinct provisions.

2.1.3 Schedules

Schedule 1: Definitions - provides the use and administrative definitions required to interpret and apply the development scheme.

Schedule 2: PDA accepted development - identifies development that is accepted development for the whole of the PDA.

Schedule 3: Transport, access, parking and servicing – establishes the transport, access, parking and servicing requirements applicable to all development within the PDA.

Schedule 4: Heritage places – catalogues all heritage places presently listed on the Queensland Heritage Register and Brisbane City Plan Heritage overlay within the Bowen Hills PDA.

Schedule 5: Amendments – lists out the amendments that have occurred to the development scheme since it came into effect.

2.1.4 Guidance Material

Guidance material includes Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) guidelines and any other documents or guidelines referenced in the development scheme[6].